A Brief History of Wilkinson Family in Kitchenwares

The Wilkinson family has been continuously involved in the innovation, design, manufacture and supply of domestic bakeware and cookware since 1880.

The Heritage Collection is the perfect fusion of heritage-fed expertise and invention that put our housewares into the homes of today.

Sometime in the 1880’s, Luther Wilkinson (Ian’s great-grandfather) & William Morris founded a kitchenware manufacturing business with the trademark of “Beatall”. They manufactured a wide range of kitchen appliances and bakeware.

William Morris left the business early in the company’s history to be a full-time officer in the Salvation Army and Luther Wilkinson assumed full ownership of the company.

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Latest News

Introducing our new Environmentally-friendly Naked® Cookware & Bakeware Range

“Environmentally-Friendly”  This is a term used to describe lots of products these days. But it seems to be open to a great deal of subjectivity to the point perhaps where, if a product is just slightly more efficient/less polluting/more sustainable than average, it is good for the environment.
Every product in our new to market Naked range of Bakeware and Cookware can claim:
– 100% Recyclable
– Contains no plastic polymer derivatives – PTFE, PFOA, PFAS or Silicone
– Has a more environmentally-conscious production process (no non-stick or ceramic coating to cure with additional furnacing and/or waste chemicals to burn-off)
– Are metal tool safe (hurray – you can recycle those blunt plastic utensils)
– For efficient use on all hobs/heat sources
– Comes with with a lifetime guarantee with instructions on how to develop and repair your own natural non-stick coating. Now that is sustainability for you!

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