360° VULCAN Cooking System


The original inspiration was to invent roasting pans that would promote 360° roasting – as close to “spit roasting” as possible and thereby sear, brown and crisp the underside of all joints of meat, especially turkey/chicken and in the process; seal in the flavours whilst cooking the meat more quickly.

Once the original idea was conceived and under development, it quickly became apparent that this invention could be extended well beyond the roasting of meat.

The invention can be applied to roasting vegetables, crisping oven fries/chips, baking pizzas and all other baked goods with a dough mixture, such as used for bread or any item that uses a pastry lining.

There is a further and separate application for barbecues.


  • Roasting and Baking heat travels upwards from the underside of the food being cooked. It works for all manner of foods – not just roasting.
  • This is achieved across the whole base of the cooking utensil with the absolute minimum of interference.
  • Roasting and Baking heat also circulates around the sides and from above to achieve the 360° cooking.
  • The invention prevents any leakage or spillage from the base of the cooking utensil.
  • Meats such as bacon, sausages and RIBS do not need “turning” during the cooking process as they are cooked, both from below and above at the same time.
  • This is also true for vegetables and oven fries/chips – a square design with flat base and rack is already designed for this and artisan bread – even baking, all around.
  • Fat and juices released from the meat during cooking, quickly drain away for healthier cooking/eating.
  • Cooking pizza is a big improvement as extra topping can be sprinkled onto the pizza – without dropping through the ventilation holes. Any melted cheese dripping from the pizza is fully contained within the pan and does not dirty the oven.
  • The design and assembly is relatively simple and therefore, easy to explain and understand.


an original idea from Ian Wilkinson

A great starter set and an excellent way to save space:


The Baking Brick ™ lays in the base of the oven – catches all oven spillage and requires no cupboard space – “invisible”.

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