Wilkinson Heritage

The Foundation: Robert Wilkinson

Robert Wilkinson (1838-1899) spent much of his life working in an iron foundry as a metal grinder, which led to his son Luther Wilkinson following him into this trade.

The 2nd Generation: Luther Wilkinson

Luther began selling various metal wares, including bakeware, on Burnley Market in Lancashire, England.
In 1887 Luther formed a partnership with a fellow market trader and by 1888 they had founded a large factory to produce their wares – the BEATALL WORKS, Burnley.

The 3rd Generation: George Wilkinson

In 1931 Luther’s son, George founded his own factory George Wilkinson (Burnley) Limited and proceeded to develop his own range of assorted kitchenwares.
Their respective factories concentrated on supporting the vital task of food packaging during the war years.

The 4th Generation: Cecil Wilkinson

Cecil, the eldest son of George, ran the family business for many years before the company was sold by the family in 1979 to a London quoted PLC.

The 5th Generation: Ian Wilkinson

Ian had worked his first week in the family owned factory during a school holiday in 1968. Ian ultimately became Manufacturing Director.
In 1985 Ian and his eldest brother founded Wilkinson Housewares Limited and this company, at its peak, made more bakeware than any other factory in Europe.
Ian sold control of the business and after serving as managing director for several more years, Ian took his experience to Hong Kong and China to found Wilkinson China Limited in Hong Kong and Wilkinson 1888 Ltd in the UK.

The 6th Generation:

Daughters and nephews of Ian have all worked for WILKINSON to gain experience after graduating from university and Ian hopes that, one day, a family member will take up the reigns.

Miss Alice Wilkinson

Alice is a keen and accomplished, home baker. Alice originates and tests delectable new recipes using Wilkinson bakeware products – these recipes are available on a Miss Wilkinson’s blog, Facebook and at www.misswilkinson.co.uk

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